Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our First Dayof K-3!

Well, yesterday was the big day! Bailee and Braxton started 2 day K-3 at Mauldin United Methodist Church. Their teacher is Mrs. Cahill and they already love her! Braxton said the other boys wouldn't play with him, but Mrs. Cahill says that is very incorrect--he actually did play well with others! In fact she said they were both well behaved--wait until she really gets to know them!!! Hope she doesn't keep any eggs in the room!!! :-) They were both very excited about their first day and talked about playing on the VERY HUGE playground and riding the bikes. Braxton escecially liked the workbench with the blue cutter thing and now wants one for home. Bailee says she made a new friend named Grace and she was nice. Although she wasn't fond of having to wear tennis shoes, Bailee said she had a great time playing. They are excited about doing their "homework" just like Carter does! They want to do everything their big brother does. Overall, the day went very well and Mom didn't even cry when she dropped them off--ok well, maybe a few small tears!

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