Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Ugly Yellow Candle Holder

ok, I know these things are all over Blogland, but I didn't have one so I HAD to make one.  I found this U-G-L-Y awesome VERY yellow candle holder at my church yard sale for 0.50 and said to myself "what the heck, I'll give it a try, it couldn't get any uglier more awesome".  My 6 yo daughter asked me if I was REALLY going to buy it and my 11 yo daughter just looked at me and gave me that look!  Then, as I'm contemplating buying a truly awesome dresser (which I did) one of the guys from my Sunday School Class asks me if I'm going to buy that candle holder....I proudly say "YES, I am" to which he responds, oh good, Elizabeth (his wife) will be happy it sold!  After the urge to crawl INSIDE the dresser passed, I told him I would be sure to send him a picture of it when I'm finished with it, which I plan to do today!  Here is what it looked like when I brought it home AFTER I washed it

and then I used the AMAZING Gorilla Super Glue to add this

and got this beauty

At this point my 12 yo son walks in and finds this sitting on the counter and asks the hubby "what the heck is Mom doing with this ugly thing?" to which the hubby just shakes his head and says "Son, it's better just not to know!"  and then they both crack up laughing.  Well, I'll have you know that after a few coats of ORB that ugly thing now looks like this

I think she turned out pretty good, but I may add something to her later.  She still needs a coat of clear, but I couldn't wait to show her off!  And No, Elizabeth you can't have it back now!  :-)  I haven't decided what to put on it, but I have my eye on my son's practice baseballs to make some of the awesome decor balls that I saw at House of Hepworths.  Check out her blog...I intend on copying using her for inspiration on several things!  

Check back soon to see what I am dong with THIS ugly thing

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